Quantoom Biosciences
Univercells announced the acquisition of SynHelix in January 2022.
SynHelix is now part of Quantoom Biosciences, a Univercells company.
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SynHelix team is devoted to the development of the most robust and scalable DNA synthesis technology using a specifically engineered high-perfomance enzyme with the advantages of:

- One-step generation of long fragments with no maximum length

- Up to 10000-fold more quantity generated

- High-fidelity synthesis of any sequence, regardless of GC content

- Products that are already 99% pure requiring no downstream purification for most applications

- GMP compatible process

We are conceiving the first automated DNA synthesis bioreactor to allow any loss, from academic research to industrial production, to generate any DNA construct without constraints of sequence, length or quantity, with the best achievable purity.