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Univercells announced the acquisition of SynHelix in January 2022.
SynHelix is now part of Quantoom Biosciences, a Univercells company.
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Our mission

The already fast-growing market for synthetic DNA intended for the synthetic biology, gene therapy and diagnostics fields can boom over the coming years.

SynHelix seeks to break the bottleneck of biotherapeutics development which faces unsolved DNA constructs supply, given the exponentially increasing demands from the pharma and biotech industry.

We aim to manufacture higher purity and 10000-fold larger yield DNA constructs.

News /Upcoming conferences and events

May 24, 2019

SynHelix is proud to be selected among the startups that join the Healthcare accelerator of WILCO to achieve €1M in annual turnover

Apr 2, 2019

SynHelix project is labelled by Genopole and is now part of the BOOSTER acceleration program.

Careers at SynHelix

We are seeking for amazing scientists and executives to build with us the most exciting synthetic biology core platform.

If you are as passionate as we are to develop cutting-edge research that solves modern world issues and truly making a difference with your contribution, check out our opening positions or feel free